When they arrived at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, Future Islands had only just begun the second leg of their journey, which included People Who Are n’t That Again. It’s really no wonder they were at the top of their match on Thursday evening because the record is not just one of the best of the singer’s career but also one of the best produces so far this year. However, witnessing the Baltimore-based synthpop group take the infamous stage showed just how accurate the statement was: Potential Islands are the ideal theater band.

Samuel T. Herring and his crew consistently put on remarkable sets at all times, from small warm-up shows to significant event stages. Even so, you not know exactly what you’re going to get when a group likes this performs at a place like Radio City, with its enormous size, history, and association with more traditional visual presentations. I may have known that Herring’s drama would only be enhanced by the site, despite having seen him so many times throughout the years.

A theatre period is the ideal setting for Herring because he always delivers with the greatest passion. I once compared his achievement type to” Shakespearian,” throwing his hands to the backs of the ledge, bellowing into the room, devouring fistfuls of imaginary dust from the stage, and watching him perform at Radio City was like seeing Laurence Olivier perform Hamlet at the Old Vic.

The fresh stage design for Future Islands also works effectively in a theatre setting. Each group member is standing on a unique leveled platform, which keyboardist Gerrit Welmers has carved into the towering platform for entrances and exits. A dozen hoola hoop-sized light jewels set obstructively on the stage, each participant hitting with a strong light to cast their shadow on whatever roof is behind them. There was a wonderful stability with just one light globe off center stage remaining, which would be applauded by any phase designer.

In the overall, it all demonstrates that Future Islands might remain constructed for venues like this. Even if you’re just dancing in front of them, the lecture and efficiency are a spectacle best seen from the home seats.

King of Sweden
A Dream About Me and You
Plastic Beach
Light House
Provide Me the Ghost Up
City’s Experience
Moved Inside
Shadows ( with Ed Schrader )
For Certain
State Goodbye
The Hacker
The Tower
Seasons ( Waiting on You )
Getting to the entrance
Inch of Dust
Vireo’s Eye
Little Dreamer