All is aware of the importance of learning. Not everyone is aware, however, of how to incorporate those lessons and the feelings that accompany them into powerful songs. That’s what WHIPPED CREAM has done with her fresh EP, is this actual?, imbuing a new component to her tone.

The initiative, she says, was penned during the “darkest period” of her life.

” I think some times people ask themselves in good or bad scenarios,’ Is this really happening? Is this really my living?'” WHIPPED CREAM said in a media release. ” During that difficult time, I had to get all the blessings in my life, hold on tight, and trust that God had the best intentions for me and that everything was going on purpose.”

The EP starts off with “real 4 me”, a partnership with BKAYE that laments a previous marriage. The two create a spry labyrinth wrapped in a four-on-the-floor beat while asking the age-old problem of what went wrong. The wild speculation and painful nostalgia that come with” about you” are explored in the pages of” WHIPPED CREAM.” At the end of the song, Showjoe blowing songs that emphasize the futility of wanting a lost love again.

” Promises” ( with Trent Madison ) illuminates the post- breakup questioning of whether or not you really knew someone. WHIPPED CREAM, in her own airy vocal tone, asks point- empty,” How much’ til you tell me who you are”?

The EP’s most notable record is more of a lament on the part of the artist than a dancefloor song. “is this true? ( interlude )” harkens back to her father’s stage- four prostate cancer diagnosis, the vulnerable track serving as a vehicle to express her mental processes. After a voice example from her dad, she frequently chants,” In a moment it could all get apart”, giving us a moment of introspection to observe the phrase’s weight. After she expresses,” I’d instead feel this way than nothing”, sending a strong and emotionally verifying information.


Tatum MacLean

Next is” still,” which moves in the same passionate manner as the previous lines, but with a strangely upbeat tone. WHIPPED CREAM’s vocals contain an ecstatic melody and a cheerful message, which act as an mental turning point in the process of overcoming difficult circumstances.

At the end of the EP, the dizzy record “life is not a violence” finds Sjayy spitting a strong and lusty concept that juxtaposes WHIPPED CREAM’s melancholy vocals, repeatedly begging,” Let me enjoy you”. Finally, “love is not enough” starts with a downtempo hit before bringing the task house with an extreme disc &amp, guitar sequence.

The launch of is this true? comes back of WHIPPED CREAM’s drop visit in North America. Find the new EP on streaming systems around and check out the new EP below.