Vola has announced their new studio record, Friend of a Ghost, slated for release on November 1st through Mascot Records.

The song opens with” Cannibal”, featuring lyrics by Anders Fridén of In Flames. This song sets the tone for an album journey that transitions from the hauntingly airy” We Will Not Disband” to” Hollow Kid.” Nicolai Mogensen, the musician behind” Hollow Kid,” describes his creative approach for the song.” I wanted to combine the low setting and polyrhythms of Meshuggah. The album’s opening rhythm was the effect, and it inspired the rest of the track”.

When asked about their development, musician Adam Janzi says,” We have had the time to internalize Witness and let its fallout drop in, which has shaped how we approached Friend Of A Phantom. Our individual preferences have changed, the method we approach our equipment and music has changed, our life have changed, time has passed, and activities have been had. Whatever melancholy See experienced has only grown and played a significant role in this album. I feel that Vola has grown and reached a new time in its existence, maturing”.

The music videos for” Break My Lying Tongue” was released shortly after the song news. This track highlights Vola‘s personal style, merging analytical lyrics with intricate soundscapes. Check it out underneath, and post- order the album below.

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