french lebrecht

July 06, 2024

The production of Dutch National Opera wo n’t be like any other Fidelio you might have seen before. In Ukrainian step producer Andriy Zholdak’s type, Beethoven’s opera is depicted through images, video projections and spoken writings. Zholdak, a king of pictures, depicts the evacuation opera as an imagined conflict between good and evil forces in all characters and the universe. Leonore ( Fidelio ) and Florestan, the couple’s central couple, must engage in combat with the devil to restore harmony to both themselves and the world. Zholdak makes many references to monsters, such as reptiles, fallen spirits and mirrors. The songs, which is performed by a world-class cast and Andrés Orozco- Estrada’s renowned Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, seems to be a manifestation of evil, except for the music, which is disregarded as such. Jacquelyn Wagner sings part of Leonore, Eric Cutler in part of Florestan, and Nicholas Brownlee as Don Pizarro. Slippedisc flows Fidelio kindness of OperaVision.

Captions in English, Dutch and German.

The story: A princess disguises herself as a man jail guard when she suspects her missing spouse is being held as a political prisoner. Will she be allowed to save him before it is too late when she discovers him weakened in the darkest prison?

Streamed on Saturday 6th July 2024 at 1900 CET / 1800 London / 1300 New York